What to do in Nantes?


The Château des Ducs de Bretagne to the Passage Pommeraye, from the Fine Arts Museum to the Galerie des Machines, Nantes reveals the town’s historic, architectural and artistic heritage through a public collection of 56 artworks.

Nantes both enchants and explodes with surprises : plant-life blends with urban planning, the works of art that make up Le Voyage à Nantes stimulate the imagination, trails for pedestrians and paths for cycling all lead to inviting public spaces.

The Journey continues out past the city limits with stunning vineyards that reveal a wealth of precious wines for you to discover.

Upriver from Nantes you’ll find rest stops for cyclists, while the 33 artworks that make up Estuaire are an open-air museum of contemporary art running along the Loire and out to the ocean.

Each of these destinations have their own exclusive guides.

Don’t hesitate to ask for one at The Nantes Tourisme desk, or find them on www.nantes-tourisme.com