French Angiogenesis Society

The French Angiogenesis Society (SFA) is an official non-profit association, created under the ‘1901 law article’ founded in 2007, as a continuation of the French Angiogenesis Network created in 1996 by several French researchers working on this subject, aiming at favoring exchanges between their laboratories.

The goals of the SFA are to promote research, education and information on normal and pathological angiogenesis and to favor exchanges between fundamental, clinical, and industrial research.

The SFA organizes an international conference every 18 months which is a unique occasion to present fundamental and clinical research.

The SFA forms, through its members and their activities, a network of experts in Angiogenesis and gathers most of the actors in this field in France.

The SFA interacts with private companies and administrations in order to propose the creation of study- and research- fellowships, prices… under its name and supported by these structures.

What is angiogenesis ?

Angiogenesis is a fine-tuned biological process that corresponds to the formation of new blood vessels.

Angiogenesis orchestrates normal development of the embryo and physiological tissue growth, while instrumental to tumor and metastatic spreading, as defined among the so-called hallmarks of cancer.

Angiogenesis also appears in several other pathological situations such as rheumatoid arthritis and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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